Medical Training Facility

In addition to providing for the medical needs of the poor in India, Bethany Christian Hospital will also serve as a medical training facility where anyone can come to learn the skills they need to work as pharmacists, lab technicians, x-ray technicians, and other paramedical professionals. This is a project that is close to the heart of the hospital’s founder, Yesupadam, as he worked as a medical technician himself in India and Iraq for a number of years.

Among the first to partake of these opportunities will be the poor children who are currently being educated and cared for in Love-n-Care’s children’s homes. This will provide these children who may have otherwise had no means to escape their poverty with sought-after skills that will propel them easily into jobs in India or abroad. This opportunity will not be limited to the children from our home, but will be open to all who are in need.

The training facility at Bethany will also provide nursing students from Love-n-Care’s nursing school with clinical training at the hospital that will help prepare them for work in their fields.

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