Their Needs

The physical needs of India’s poor are immense. Poverty drastically increases the risk of disease and poor health due to families being unable to afford food, clean water, shelter, or clothing. Many live with severe malnutrition, without basic sanitation, and lack access to even basic medical care or education. Bethany Christian Hospital will seek to meet all these needs, with a special focus on cancer patients, children, and pregnant women.

Treating Cancer Patients

Having watched his wife die of cancer after discovering it already in the late stages of development, Yesupadam, the hospital’s founder, is intent on providing India’s poor with proper early-detection education and screening as well as treatment for cancer in all its forms. Click here to learn more.

Saving Children

Children are among the most vulnerable in India because many of their parents cannot afford to even feed them, let alone bring them to a doctor when they become sick or injured. Bethany Christian Hospital will provide a way for these needy children to receive proper care and immunizations. Click here to learn more.

Caring for Pregnant Women

Many women die during childbirth in India – in large part because those who live in impoverished villages often rely on untrained midwives because they cannot afford care from a hospital. Bethany Christian Hospital will provide free service to these women to ensure a healthy mother and baby. Click here to learn more.

Have Questions?
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