Cancer Patients

Cancer is an especially deadly disease in India because most people are not aware of the disease until it is in its advanced stages. This reality made a lasting impact on the hospital’s founder, Yesupadam, when he discovered that his wife was in the late stages of breast cancer and told that she had only three months to live.

Miraculously, his wife defied the doctor’s expectations and lived another 10 years in good health before discovering that she again had advanced cancer – this time throughout her entire body. At the time, due to a lack of advanced medical facilities in Vishakapatnam, Yesupadam was forced to bring his wife to a hospital in Mumbai. The trip took 40 hours by train.

Though Yesupadam’s wife did eventually go on to be with the Lord after one more truly miraculous recovery, Yesupadam is grateful for the care of the hospitals and burdened for the plight of cancer victims in India who may never even have the opportunity to be treated in a hospital.

Bethany Christian Hospital will allow men and women of all income levels to be treated for cancer as they can afford, and will strive to educate the community on the importance of cancer screening for early detection.

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